Detailing with humor : Honda Jazz
Built : June 26 - July 04, 2004
A very dear friend has recently bought a pale yellow Honda Jazz. She loves cows and has a big collection of anything that has cow skin patterns on it- mugs, glasses, etc. or just cow figures on their own. So it occured to me to add one more cowish item to her collection.
I bought a 1/38 scale Chinese die-cast toy to convert it to her car's model, but with the addition of black patches on the body to recall the cow skin pattern. There was no pale yellow toys, so I bought a white one for easy painting to pale yellow.
First I disassembled everything to work on.  
The rear hatch looked very unreal with the massive hinge, so I cut it off.
Then I ground the protrusions on the body, related with the hinge. I will make the car hatch door fixed. 
The front licence plate engraving was not matching our plate dimensions, so I had to grind the front and rear licence plates. 
Here is the front bumper cleared from the cast licence plate.
I sanded the body lightly and applied a primer for the paint to have a better grip.
I mixed yellow and white paints to get a very close shade to the real tone, and painted the body.
Now to the inside detailing (which will mostly not be seen from outside!)
I generated the gauges on the computer and stuck it in the dashboard, after painting the dashboard grey and black.
The internal tub was opening as seen aside. So the door panels were not so hard to paint. I took the front seats off too, and painted them  (they were molded separately and heat-welded on the floor).
The rear cluster was cast as a unit, so I painted the items as they were cast. I would prefer plain seats but I had no choice...
And here is the inner tub with the door panels folded up.
I painted the original blacks and the front and rear lamp reflectors (chrome silver).
I marked the contours of the cow pattern with Humbrol Maskol, and painted the insides with flat black.
Then I took the maskol off, with the paint remaining.

I generated the licence plates and the rear "H" emblem on the computer.

Following are the finished MOOOs...