Majorette Ford Capri Renovation

Kit No.
1 / 60

Date : 27-28 July 2013
Renovation of a friend's flea market find nostalgic model.

Appearance before disassembly

Complete knockdown

I removed the remaining paint with automotive paint remover gel.

Paint scratching before had left deep scratches on the body, I reduced the depths by sanding.

I applied putty in the potholes and scratches.

I did not like the headlamps, cast in transparent green. So I made a casting die and by using UV-cured Bondic, I cast two clear headlamps.

I applied primer on the body.

I applied some color to the inside and painted the wheels with aluminum. 

I covered the rear lamps with Bare Metal Foil and painted with clear glass paint. For the rear scripts, I scratched the paint, revealed the base metal and covered with clear coat to prevent darkening. I applied Bare Metal Foil to the back of the headlamps, and painted the turn signal zones with clear glass paint. I glued the headlamps to the body inside. I also applied Bare Metal Foil on the front and rear bumpers.

  Finally, I assembled the model.