Detailing a Matchbox #14 Iso Grifo

Start: 14 Oct. 2006  /  Finish: 27 Oct. 2006

Another renovation from my Matchbox family...
First I dismantled the whole apart...
I stripped the paint with an automotive paint remover.
I had to sand down the mold lines that were very visible.
Now the body-in-white is shining..
I applied metallic crimson spray paint to the body, and painted the inside. I scratched the paint on the window frame to expose the bare metal. (Now this is a short-cut for BMF application.. Underneath is bare metal already!!)
Then I applied a clear coat over the body.
I assembled the model.
The contrast in the front is made by first painting with flat black, then scraping the highs. I also applied a clear coat on the headlamps and bumpers to prevent dulling from oxidation.
I scraped the rear lamps to expose the metal and painted them with clear red. The licence plate is also done by paint scraping.
And some more finished photos...