Matchbox Miura Renovation

  Build Date :  October 2003


This is the old Matchbox No.33 Lamborghini Miura that I got from Ebay. It was in a very bad condition, with front roof pillars bent. Here is a small renovation story:

I dismantled the car. Here you see the roof straightened, but the right pillar broke during the process.

I put the body in brake fluid for two days and it was no good in the end... So I didn't bother that much, but the paint was almost rubbed off later, while sanding down the mold chips on the body

I painted the inside leather and flat black

Another view of the inside.

I replaced the right pillar with a styrene piece and fixed it with CA glue. Then I sanded the body all over.

Here are the finished pics. I applied BMF on the headlights, rear lights, licence plate and body emblems. I applied a flat white base, and metallic dark green over it and topped the whole with a clear coat. After each layer of paint cured, I scraped the paint on the BMF parts and had the metal exposed. The wheels also had their share from BMF because the chrome was very bad.

There was a cracked part at the top of the windshield and I camouflaged it by tinting the glass with clear turqoise.

I painted the rear lights with clear orange and red. The licence plate and the exhaust tips had a flat black.

Here is the ID......

And some closer looks....