Cars I Have Owned Series
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Original Model: Norev

Scale : 1/43
Start: 29 August 2016
Finish: 02 September 2016

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The model of the car (prod. 2008) that I still have since 2014.

The model initially. I had bought two models, after they arrived, I realized how good I had done on comparing the two. Both are Norev products, the blue one being sold on the market and the grey one inside a box with Fiat logo. At first sight, the black frame paints on the front and rear glasses were present on the blue one and did not exist on the grey one.

Then the wheel dfifferences... Though the rims were the samei the tires of the grey one were small and lacked the internal detail. The tire simply turned towards the wheel inside and blacked out the whole which was unacceptable. Since my car was grey, I decidede to use the grey body with correct parts of the blue one.

was disappointed with the detail of the inside of Norev, a European product. The models that came from manufacturers of far-east countries had their seats, center console, gear lever as separate parts which could be disassembled and easily payed on. This model had all cast as a single part. I hadto paint the seats, but masking was impossible. So I applied black paint with grey dusting on a paper napkin and use the cut-out parts as covers for seats.
The seats as covered with painted paper napkin pieces.

I masked the dashboard with Bare Metal Foil and masking tape; and painted the face of the dashboard.

I painted the other places on the dahboard. Also, cut the mirrors from chrome foil and stuck them on.

I painted the center console with brush, since masking was impossible.

I prepared the cat sticker on the rear window and wiper arm on the computer, printed and stuck on the rear window.

W I made the shark fin antenna from scratch. I painted the mirrors, the third brake lamp, fog and reversing lamps.

I assembled the model. The photos of the finished model...

The original car's photos...