Cars I Have Owned Series
06 KV 702
Original Model: Honda Accessory

Scale : 1/43
Start: 22 August 2016
Finish: 28 August 2016

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The model of the car (prod. in 2006) that I had during 2006 - 2010.

The model initially. 

I split the model. The model was much more in detail compared to conventional 1/43 models. This might be because this is Honda's authentic accessory.

stripped the whole paint.
I cleaned the whole body.

I painted the body and the roof (Honda B 523 P). My car did not have a sunroof  so I had to delete the model's sunroof by painting over.

I painted the insides to my car's cream tone.

I assembled the inner tub.

1- Hard to paint parts, the mirrors. Dual color and a paint for turn signal...
2- I removed the mirror plates and placed on wax paper to protect the sticky backing.
3- I made the masking for the turn signal with masking tape, and the mirror body with "UHU Patafix" and applied the primer.
4- After applying the final coat, I removed the masks and applied clear coat.

While dismounting the model, one exhaust outlet jumped to somewhere in space and got lost. So I made a silicon mold from the other and cast a new one from polyester putty.

I assembled the model. The photos of the finished model...

The original car's photos...