Cars I Have Owned Series
CITROEN Traction Avant 11 BL
35 NH 806
Original Model: Universal Hobbies

Scale : 1/43
Start: 25 July 2016
Finish: 31 July 2016

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The model of the car (prod. 1949) that I had during 1980 - 1984.

The model initially. The driver does not look like me, so it will be discarded :)

I split the model.

I removed the driver and the fascia panel. The gear shift lever was made in a size beyond belief, so it will be cut off.

I cut off the licence plate holder and the tail lights.

I applied polyester putty at the damaged areas.

The tail lights were from a VW Beetle, so I did the same here. I got an -about- 1/32 scale VW Beetle, took off the clear parts of the tail lights. These clear parts were about to proper scale when considered together with the base. I applied Bare Metal Foil on the parts, then painted clear orange and red. Then I applied a clear coat and after drying, I painted the -supposed to be- base part with black.

I had covered the fascia panel with white artificial leather. So I painted it flat white on the model.
I made the gear lever by bending a headed pin, of which I shaped the head with Dremel and painted black.  Then I inserted in place and glued. I made the gauge on the computer and printed on paper.

The inner door panels were also from white artificial leather, so I painted them flat white. I painted the seats and floor too.

The turn signals on the mudguards were two-sided aftermarket ones. I cut the ones on the model (anyway, they were illogically tall to scale). I drilled 2 mm diameter solder wire with 0.5 mm drill, passed a piece of copper wire through, fixed with CA glue and painted both sides with clear orange.

The front bumper of the real car was not original but a substituted one, so I did not use the model's bumper and scratchbuilt a new one.
The headlight bezels were painted brass. I had to paint them on the model because they would break if I tried to disassemble.
I fixed the rear lights in place.

I painted the front and rear bumpers, and the Citroen logo strips on the front grille to brass color.

I assembled the model.  Here are the finished photos...

The original car's photo.