Cars I Have Owned Series
06 KN 756
Original Model: DeAgostini

Scale : 1/43
Start: 06 July 2016
Finish: 24 July 2016

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The model of the car (prod. 1975) that I had during 1995 - 1998.

The model initially.

I split the model. I stripped the paint with paint remover gel.

I cleaned the whole body.

Mold marks and flashings. I removed these.

I applied polyester putty on the roof since my car did not have an opening.

Now some demanding task. The model was RHS, and I had to change it to LHS.


I cut the steering wheel part from the fascia panel.

I made a mold and made two replicas of the fascia panel from polyester putty.

I cut off one gauge panel and glued it on the left side of the other. Then I cut off the gauge panel on the right.

I restored the gap on the right side of the fascia panel.

I prepared the gauges on the computer and printed them. After painting the fascia, I glued the gauges and the steering wheel.

I primed and painted the body.

I painted the inner tub.

The model had no gear shift lever, so I had to build one from scratch.
1- I heated and hammered a steel headed pin, and shaped to lever profile with Dremel
2- Using CA and activator, I shaped the boot for the lever
3- I trimmed the base of the boot
4- I painted the lever.

I glued the gearshift lever in place.

The model's tail lights were of pre-1974 type, to convert it to the ribbed style, I made a try:
1- I laid at proper spacing, headed steel pins over a double-sided tape.
2- Without removing the protection, I pressed a piece of aluminum duct tape over the pins and made the channel impressions.
3- I cut the tape and stuck it on the tail lamps. After applying clear paint, it had some proper looks.

I applied Bare Metal Foil on the model. Some retouches will be made.

I applied a black wash to the front grille.

While inserting the wipers, one slipped and flew off somewhere that I could not find. So I had to make a new pair from wire.
I printed the script and logo on clear decal paper and stuck them in place.

On the next page are the finished photos.