Cars I Have Owned Series
MURAT-131 Sahin
35 NK 307
Original Model: Starline Models

Scale : 1/43
Start: 08 September 2016
Finish: 17 September 2016

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The model of the car (prod. 1985) that I had during 1989 - 1991. Since my car was with 4 headlights, 4 doors and horizontal tail lights; and no matching model was available, I bought 3 models.

The models initially. On the right is Starline Models which I used as the base model, center is Norev's Abarth for donation of 4-headlights front grille, and on the left is Edicola 131P, for details of 4-door.

I took molds with silicone putty from B and C pillars, which were different from 2-door type.

I cast parts from polyester putty.

I stripped the paint.

I cut the B-pillars.

I trimmed the necessary extensions for the C-pillars from the parts I had cast before.


I glued the extensions in place with epoxy glue.

I shaved the protrusions on the rear panel with Dremel.

Befor shaving off the door handles, I made foil copies of the handles.

I filled the insides of the copies with CA glue+activator and made solid parts.

I copied the door parting line on a masking tape and using this tape, I cut a symmetrical stencil from brass sheet for right / left doors.

Using this stencil, I scribed the door parting lines.

I made the rear door lines with the same method.

I applied polyester putty on the rear panel and sides, then sanded.

I applied a test primer and glued the B-posts in place.

I glued a styrene strip at the lower side of the rear panel and applied polyester putty.

I machined the door handle recesses on the doors with Dremel.

Covering the seats.
I printed the the texture on a paper napkin. To prevent the see-through through the single layer of paper, I painted the seats to a suitable shade.

After masking the necessary places, I sprayed the seats with Bison spray glue. I laid the "cloth" over the seats, by pressing over the surface.
I trimmed off the flashings with #11 blade.
I glued the front seats in place.

Preparing the rear lights.
I took a piece of sticker folio carrier film with patterned surface and stuck it to the back side of aluminum duct tape.
I fixed this combination on a styrene strip with 0.1 mm double-sided adhesive tape. I left a 0.5 mm overhang for the overlap zone with the rear fender.
Then I painted the areas with clear glass paints.