Cars I Have Owned Series
06 FZK 76
Original Model: DeAgostini

Scale : 1/43
Start: 05 July 2016
Finish:  17 July 2016

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The model of the car (prod. 1993) that I owned during 2010 - 2019.

The model initially, with a very thick paint hiding the details.

I split the model. I shaved some metal from the front for conversion to Serce grille.

I stripped the paint with paint remover gel.

I cleaned the whole body.

I applied polyester putty at the front grille and tail lamp sections.

I applied a primer for testing.


I prepared the front grille on the computer and printed on paper. I made a trial for reflectors with 0.2 mm thick aluminum foil, and being satisfied, I glued the paper on the foil, made the reflectors and filled them with UV-curing nail builder gel.

A test fit of the front grille on the body.

I drilled new holes for the front bumper. I made the front and rear bumpers from styrene sheets and rods.

I made headrests from styrene and added them to the front seats. Then I painted the seats.

The real car does not have quarter glass so I trimmed them off.

I painted the top of windscreen clear blue.

I fitted the inner tub on the chassis.

I prepared the mirrors from styrene and glued them in place.

I made the side bumper rubber strips from black sticky foil. The taillights were made in the same way as Murat-124 model. The front turn signals are made by painting clear orange over aluminum duct tape. I made the rear "Serce" script as decal and applied.