Cars I Have Owned Series
AEE 436
Original Model: De Agostini

Scale : 1/43
Start: 01 August 2016
Finish: 06 August 2016

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The model of the car (prod. in 1980s) that I had during 2002-2003 in Tbilisi, Georgia.
To the Russians, this car is what the VW Beetle is for the Germans. A 1200 cc V4 air-cooled engine is at the rear of the car. It has a separate fuel-source heating system, so is superior to the Beetle in that sense. The fuel pump diaphragm was bad-famed to swell and misoperate often, so as a precaution I had installed a parallel electric pump system.

The model initially. 

I split the model and stripped the whole paint.

I painted the inside.

I painted the body, then painted the aluminum strips and door handles, and applied a clear coat all over.

I applied Bare Metal Foil on the tail lights and colored with transparent glass paints.

I painted the front turn signals with glass paint and applied the decal strip that I prepared on the computer.

I covered the bumpers with Bare Metal Foil, and glued the licence plate on the front bumper.

I assembled the model. Here are the finished photos:

The original car's photos.