Turkish Airlines
DC-10 "TC-JAV Ankara"
Just Before Crash Diorama
Kit: Kitech No:DF335
Date Started: 24 September 2007
.Date Finished: 11 December 2007
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December 02, 2007:
I began to build the base. I gave some small inclination to the ground base, according to the elevations I read from Google Earth at the crash site coordinates.
I glued wood peripherally at the inside, to fix the ground base to the main display base with screws from below.
This is how the base will roughly look like. 
December 08, 2007:
I began exercising with the trees. I cut some thuja branch ends from our garden, let dry on the radiators for 4 days. I cut the ends to scale lengths for the trees, and after applying hair spray on, I dipped the tree in a mixture of Faller's light and medium green scattering media, so that they stuck on the branches.
Here is a close-up photo of the trees.
Next step was to determine the 3-D position of the plane. From the accident reports, it is known that the plane was leaning with 17 degrees to its port side, with a nose pitch of 4 degrees. So I made a template that the plane would rest on, with the required angles.  The inclination of the ground was compensated for, while cutting the sheets.
I added two more wires by heat-sinking. Now the plane had the correct 3-D position in the air, and the wires would be hidden by the trees.
I chose to work with window glass putty as the soil. I began at the center, where the plane would rest.
I covered the putty with shades of grass, soil, stone, etc. and started with hiding the 3 supporting wires with trees.
Then I continued to work from the center to outer regions. I paid attention to chopped-off trees where the left wing passed.
I also paid attention to the trees below the fuselage and the right wing, which did not touch any trees but the air motion swept the trees.
December 09, 2007:
I continued with partial covering of the base and tree manufacturing.