The construction began with the engine. To convert it to the "R" version, the air filter was not put on, but a scratchbuilt induction cone. The engine was ignition-wired from Detail Master.

It is almost impossible to see a racing car intact, so I decided to put on a crashed door panel. I cut out the door and formed a new one from aluminium sheet. I then created a crash sign by pressing another model car on to the door and making a plastic deformation. I then glued the door panel into place by 5-minute epoxy.

The front bumper had to be adapted to the"R" version. So it was cut off and the middle part cut off for the proper opening. The inner parts of the cut-off area were covered with parts cut from styrene sheet and then glued on to the body. The new assembly was then applied putty for the proper profile.

The "R" version had the back seat removed, so did the model have to. I cut the back portion of the seat tub and put in a suitable replacement part to cover the opened-up part of the driveshaft tunnel.

Then putty was applied and sanded smooth and primed. The top of the gas tank was also covered with styrene sheet.

The kit had no roll-bars, so I adapted one from my parts box. The supports were made from toothpicks since I had no suitable plastic bars right then. Anyway, after painting, it was impossible to distinguish them.

The front suspension was also altered for the proper lean and steering position.

The steering wheel spokes were drilled for realistic appearance.
The dashboard was done and the steering wheel assembled.

The driver was prepared in the same manner as of the Grand Sport driver. However, this one looked like Chuck Norris! Then he was also placed in the cockpit and secured with a completely scratchbuilt seat-belt.
The chassis was now completed and waiting for the engine. The cockpit was glued in place after the engine was put in.

The body was painted and the main stripes were also applied by paint. The side stickers were computer-generated, since the kit was the Hertz type and with gold-color stripes. The window contours and door handles  were treated with Bare metal Foil.

As for the rims, "torque-thrust" from my parts box were used to suit the "R" version.The tires were aged with sandpaper, the headlamps were applied those "X" bands on the lenses, and other accessories put on the car.
The computer-generated door number was put in place, then scratched both with a metallic piece and a red crayon to leave a side-to-side impact signs. Other computer-generated stickers were also applied and it was ready to take its part on the track.

grand sport