The Track
The track base is made from 3 mm thick plywood. For the ribs, 2 mm thick cardboard was used. This construction is necessary because the tracks are given a slope in the bends. 

The rib construction is completed with the outer edges put in place. Also notice the wooden frame around the base put for test-fitting.

The top was covered with 2 mm thick cardboard and automotive polyester putty was applied to make a rough platform that would be covered with grass. To prevent the putty color to be accidentally visible through the soil and grass, it was painted dark brown. The track is painted to a mixture of light gray and cement.

Real soil is applied first, using regularwhite glue. Grass  was made by cutting the bristles of a light green brush and mixing it with dried and ground mint leaves. This mixture was also applied on the soil using the same glue. Then the tire traces were made on the track by actually rubbing a "trash" model car numerous times. Two different traces of skids were also made, that had ended in the close grass outside the curve.

Here you see the end of the skid traces that ruined the grass, scraping it off together with some soil as well.

The marker cones were made by forming from lead sheet. I used lead because it is soft and can absorb corrections to be made after bending. Then they were painted fluorescent orange. Later, they were applied "FRAM" writings with dry letter transfer. 

The camera of the cameraman was made from the parts box: A carb, a wheel retainer and a mirror came together to form a camera. On the right, it is painted. The glass imitation on the lens was made by painting black glass paint on the chrome of the mirror.
The cameraman was made from Fujimi's mechanics figures. Three figures gave different parts. The upper body, the lower body and the arms were of different figures. Still, the arms had to be cut to give the proper positions. This is test-fitting the left arm with the camera.
setting proper angles to the arms
The cameraman is finished and painted, ready to take his camera in hand. I cannot give a reason to the shining of the trousers under the lighting. Not only were they painyed matt, but also treated rubbing with tissue paper just before drying,to depict a worn jean.

The cameraman is complete now.

The border tires were from my parts box as well. For realistic looks, the insides were emptied with Dremel moto-tool. The tires were then painted white and the tires cut in half to look like being buried in the ground.

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