Scale : 1/43
Start: 05 May 2019
Finish: 15 August 2019 

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Original Models: DeAgostini

A diorama depicting a scene in 3rd GŁnaydin Rally of Turkey; of which the first was held in 1972.
In those years, only domestic made cars were racing and great struggles were taking place between the Tofas and Renault teams.
I wanted to make a diorama to remember this nostalgic race.

The models initially.

05 May 2019:
I split the models. The dismantling of the glasses took some delicate effort.

30 May 2019:
I bought the wheels and tires of the Murat-124 from Gemini Model Cars. I bent the ends of the axle for steered appearance.


I revised the axle holes for positioning the car as swayed and counter-steered.

01 June 2019:
I glued the axles in place with CA glue.

I put the body on the base and made a visual check.


Same approach with the Renault-12. The rear wheelwell was too shallow for sway position, so I shaved off some plastic to provide a space.

I gave an angle to axle tips and glued in the base.

I put the body on the base and made a visual check.

03 June 2019:
I passed on to the figures I got from Denizen Miniatures. Though they were 1/43 scale, they did not fit in the cars. So I cut the feet and shaved some metal at the sitting areas.

I glued the arms of the Murat-124 driver in place with epoxy glue.

04 June 2019:
The right arm of the Renault-12 driver did not match with the steering position. So I cut the arm and the hand, drilled the hand at the wrist and put a wire bent to proper shape. I glued this in place with epoxy glue.

05 June 2019:
I finished the figures and put them in place for a visual check. I made the arm of the Renault-12 driver by filling around the wire with polyester putty.

I made the roll-cage of the Renault-12 by soldering 0.8 mm dia. wire.

06 June 2019:
I made the roll-cage of the Murat-124 in the same way.

08 June 2019:
I began making the diorama base. I glued two 4 mm thick plywood sheets.

I made the road and partial landscape from 10 mm thick foamboard.  I painted white with wood paint as primer.

I made the cobblestone road texture on the computer and printed it on a piece of paper napkin. Before that, I had tried with ordinary paper but even with flat clear coat, local reflections did not disappear. I printed with laser printer, inkjets will not work with napkin.

09 June 2019:
I painted the white of the Renault-12.

I shifted to painting the stripes of the Murat-124. Started with the yellow.

Then I painted the green stripes. The masking job was tough.

10 June 2019:
I glued the road texture on the foam board and painted the exteriors brown.

11 June 2019:
I painted the Renault-12 body by masking.