Scale : 1/43
Start: 05 May 2019
   Finish: 15 August 2019  

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Original Models: DeAgostini

12 June 2019:
I prepared the extra headlights on the Murat-124 front grille:
1- Made cavities with Dremel
2- Applied Bare Metal Foil
3- Painted the grille
4- Made the lenses with UV curing nail builder gel.

13 June 2019:
I prepared the decals on the computer and printed them on white decal paper.

15 June 2019:
I applied the decals on the models. The windshield decal of the Murat-124 will be corrected later.


16 June 2019:
Manufacturing of the spotlights for the Renault-12:
1- I made a female in a piece of wood.
2- I made a male from iron rod with hemispherical end and shaped a 0.2 mm thick aluminum sheet by using a drill.
3- The aluminum part after shaping..

1- For the foot of the spot, I made a hole with a pin.
2- I inserted a 0.6 mm wire through the hole and fixed wit a piece of tape. The inner end of the wire is flattened to preven rotation inside the putty.
3- I applied polyester putty inside the housing.
4- After curing, I trimmed the peripherals.


17 June 2019:
1- I prepared and printed the front covers with Cibiť logos on computer and stuck them on the spotlight faces.
2- For the central spots, I prepared a bracket from copper sheet and painted flat black.
3- I fixed the central spots on the bracket and the side spots (by bending the wires) to the lower surface of the bumper with epoxy glue.

21 June 2019:
I made the stone-chips shoulders and grass using Woodland Scenics products.

23 June 2019:
I did not like the appearance of the road. Though looking fine in photos, it was not so realistic actually. So I decided to make an asphalt road and cut off the road part.

24 June 2019:
I made a new road with a new poam plate and a sheet of sandpaper. I painted the sandpaper with shades of grey and the stripes by masking. It will be weathered a bit later.

27 June 2019:
I made the delineators from Evergreen styrene strips. In those years, the delineators were made of concrete, unlike the flexible products of today.  For a good penetration into the foam, I sharpened the ends. For the reflectors, I sanded the surface of sticky aluminum duct tape and applied translucent white and clear red glass paints. Then I cut them to size and stuck on the delineators.

15 August 2019:
I waited for a long time for the dog figures chasing the cars. I got the 28 mm running dog figures from northstarfigures.com website.

I cut the bases and drilled 0.5 mm holes through the feet and inserted copper wires through and fixed with CA glue.

I painted the dogs.

The finished photos of the diorama are on the next page.  
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