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15 January 2016:

I planned the configuration of the ladder for the man-door on the fuselage.

I cut the side panels from styrene sheet and punched and cutout the stair reservations.

I finished cutting the side panels and stairs.

I installed the stairs in their places.

16 January 2016:
I made assembly of side rails from styrene rods, on a printed template. 

 One side rail constructed.

17 January 2016:
After completing the ladder assembly, I covered the stair steps with masking tape to protect from paint, later anti-slip covering will be glued.

I constructed the ladder frame from brass rods.

19 January 2016:
I painted the frame with rust paint effects and applied AK's worn effects fluid for wear effects after painting.

21 January 2016:

I completed the ladder assembly less the side rails. The steps are covered with anti-slip texture, painted galvanized with slight rust effects due to wear. I also scratched here and there on the frame and sides.

22 January 2016:

I finished the side rails and made some weathering with Tamiya pastels and AK pigments. I used 4 wheels from a diecast model. Below are the finished photos:

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