Scale : 1/18
Started: 02 March 2019
Finished: 03 March 2019

This is a precious model of a friend. It was unfortunately dropped on the floor by a visitor's child. Since the clear part was broken, it had to be renewed.


The model initially.

Initial condition from the other side.


I disassembled the model and used the cracked windshield inside surface as a master model for the mold. I made a male mold with automotive epoxy putty.

I held a piece of acetate sheet between two frames and after heating the acetate with a heat gun, I pressed the male mold into the acetate to give a form.

I cut out the necessary part from the acetate.

I glued the acetate and the frame with epoxy glue.

The joined acetate and frame.

I cut the sun visor and mirror section from the original part and glued on the new one.

I reassembled the model.