Now , that is what I call a masterpiece , like everyone else who saw the model !

The model was displayed at the Titanic Historical Society's 1997 convention on the Queen Mary and
at the International Plastic Modeler's Society (IPMS) National convention in July, where 'Titanic
1986'   won  "People's  Choice - Best in Show!"   It   was   also   featured   in   articles   in   the   July '97 issue of Navismagazine on Naval modeling and the IPMS magazine for Nov, 1997.

Mr. Roy Mengot ' s  site is definitely a MUST SEE -  while travelling among its pages , you not only get surprised by the degree of extremes that a modeler can go , but , get into the knowledge of what happened to the ship , explained with a pure and simple way from an engineer's point of view.

Just have a look at some sample pics of the model and then visit his site .

If you have finished with my site , then take your  DIVE  into the Titanic.