This is a page dedicated to my dear father Vedat Varol ( 1930 - 1996 ) who was a bank manager by occupation , but also had a great sense of arts. He was not a modeler , but had what a modeler should have : Vision and patience.

I do not intend to display all of what he had about arts. But, he had a unique art and I will display photos about it here because I believe it is definitely interesting and that people should see his works.

The compositions below are made of nothing but rounded pebblestones collected from the seashore. They are used as they were found naturally. There is not a single paint touch or shaping by breaking , etc. on any of the stones. The biggest problem he had while composing was the rarity of natural blue stones to use for the sky or water. The only artificial treatment is that , after glueing , the stones are varnished to have them reflect their own bright colors.

At the inn  46x36 cm


Vineyard road   40x46 cm

 Return from the fountain  46x24 cm

Oxcart   30x50 cm


Woman of mixed race  36x31 cm

Ballet   30x48 cm

Day laborer   50x28 cm


Father's confidence in son    35x54 cm

Beggar woman  42x29 cm


Mother carrying her child   32x43 cm

Porter   56x28 cm


Swans   20x53 cm

Violinist  45x27 cm

Laying nude   27x60 cm

Before the race   42x28 cm

Boatman   21x40 cm

Return from the harvest  36x28 cm

Watching the sunset  24x43 cm

Autumn  28x40 cm

Mosque in winter  40x21 cm

Peddlar with his donkey   40x30 cm

       Romance    33x29 cm