This is the very first model that I made in 1973. The chassis was 3mm thick plywood and the rest of the model was of cardboard. The paint was simple and easy-
Watercolor of course !!!!
I have no photos left of the second model that I made. It was about 1/15 proportion (I would not dare to say scale) of a FIAT 124 , made of plywood all over this time. I was not so succesful in shaping the plywood, so I shifted back to cardboard on this model. This time, however, the paint job was with cellulosic spray paint. This is also the first sample to have working suspension, making use of helical springs from ball-point pens.
This is another view of the same car. It was built in 1975.
I used to etch lens patterns on the aluminium foil of cigarette packs , stick scotch tape over it and paint the necessary color with felt-tip pens. This job made for the lamp production by then...
These pics belong to the next model, still made of cardboard. The detailing was much better than before, and though made in 1976 , I still like the outlines of the car.
This is my second model using tea-cans as the base material. This is a big one , being 42 cm. in length. The headlight reflectors are from flashlight bulb reflectors with etched acetate sheets as lenses. The car has roll-cage inside, wrapped with thin sponge sheet as in reality.The inside of the doors and ceiling are of soft and padded material. Suspension works. The model was made in Dec. 1977.
Though damaged a bit, this model has survived to date.