1939 JAGUAR  SS 100
Kit No.
1 / 16
Box stock; canvas top and ignition wiring added.

The frontal view. Front grille has a black wash for imitating the real thing. However, it seems that light has gone through the paint at the upper right corner, and taken the chrome plating in front, so that the headlamp housings are reflected in view.
The top is covered with real canvas, by stretch-applying over the fully glued top.. Note the misglued regions around the rear window.
The floor is covered with self-sticking velvet sheet. The wood grain is imitated by applying brown glass paint by brush, with varying thicknesses so that the paint forms its own shades. The color appears more reddish than reality in this picture.
"Floating ignition wires" are not laid properly. This is an early model, and I keep such deficiencies of workmanship as they were, to look at the past. The fully rust-painted exhaust manifolds and pipes do not look too realistic as well.