Weathered '57  Chevrolet Bel-Air

Kit No.
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Box stock

 This kit was weathered unintentionally. It was a former model made box stock and I wanted to change its color, and add bare metal foil to it. So I disassembled the model, and put it in an oven cleaner solution overnight. Nothing had happened next morning. So I applied cellulosic thinner with a brush all over. It not only lifted the paint up, but attacked the plastic as well. But the cracked contours were so attractive, that I decided to make a weathered model. 
I first removed some of the chrome trim, drilled holes for the trim clips, applied red acrylic paint over, then applied Model Master 1785 Rust paint. I then sanded the car very fine all over, and the rust paint in recesses were left intact, whereas the underlying red paint came to daylight. Then I applied bare metal foil to the left trim parts. I then applied matt clear coat on the bare metal to weather it, and drybrushed the bumpers with rust too. The inside was given a light sanding for weathering. The windshield was treated with sandpaper for wiper blade traces.