"Çiçek Abbas"
Original Model: Italeri 3687

Scale : 1/24
Start: 22 October 2016
Finish: 20 February 2017

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10 January 2017:
Before installing the windows, I painted the rubber seals both inside and outside. Painting the visible zones between the inner and outer panels proved tough.

11 January 2017:
I slid the glazing between the inner and outer panels and fixed in place.

15 January 2017:
I painted the windshield frame flat black.

I painted the internal cover panels and glued them in place. I manufactured the door pull handle from telephone wire; and the opening lever arm from a bent pin, with a small copper washer soldered to it. I also fit the ceiling cover in place.

Just at this time, I realized that the actual vehicle's exhaust outlet was different from the kit's. So I cut the pipe end and reversed the bending direction to match with the actual one.

I glued the -previously made- pompom lining in place.

18 January 2017:
Preparation of the service line plate behind the windscreen. I made the vacuum hangers from UV-curing nail builder's gel, on a double-sided sticky tape with the wire inserted in the gel. I made the plate by applying the clear decal (made on the computer) on a painted acetate sheet. I cut the tape around the cured gel, took off the protective paper and stuck it inside the windshield.

Temporarily installed windshield with the plate behind the windscreen.

I made the prayer plate and decorative beads on the computer and printed on a clear decal sheet. I applied the decal on a piece of acetate and trimmed around the pattern. Then I stuck it behind the mirror with double-sided clear tape.

I prepared the reversed "Çiçek Abbas" text on clear decal and applied it inside the rear window.

18 January 2017:
I prepared the sun visors from double layer thick paper and glued them in place together with the mirror assembly.

The rear lights were different so I scratchbuilt them. I drew the lights on the computer and cut the base from styrene sheet. I covered the base with aluminum duct tape. I used patterned foil carrier for the clear parts; cut and painted them with clear glass paints. The self-stickiness of the carrier sheet helped in fixing the clear parts on aluminum.

20 January 2017:
I glued the rear lights in place. I manufactured the front signals by fixing patterned foil carrier tape to aluminum duct tape and painted clear orange. Then I applied double sided clear tape under the signals and fixed them in place.

24 January 2017:
I made a trial to make embossed licence plates. I printed the plates in reverse on the back side of an aluminum duct tape, traced over the figures with a ball-point pen and got the embossings on the surface. Then I applied the decals I made over the aluminum tape and trimmed around.

26 January 2017:
I prepared the flowers and glued them in place.

28 January 2017:
For the plush covers on the fascia panel, I dipped pieces of cloth in painted water. I trimmed the parts in accordance with the template I made and fixed them in place with a thin double-sided sticker film.

29 January 2017:
I painted the flowers I had prepared before and wound them around the roof luggage.

The front door windows had two snap tabs for installation, however it was impossible to fit in place because neither the clear part nor the door were flexible enough. So I cut one of the tabs off. I cut a strip from a black sticker folio and fixed both inside and outside to depict the quarter-light post.
To prevent see-through the openings in door panel, I glued pieces of black paper at the back sides.

31 January 2017:
The lower mating hole of the door hinge was on the floor panel, over the mudguard. I did not like the possibility of getting loose, so I cut the part from the floor panel and made a new part inside the body.

07 February 2017:
I assembled the body and chassis. I made the rear door handle from soldered wires.

There is more work to do...

11 February 2017:
I made the folded crepe paper streamers from plain paper, painted and glued on the bonnet.

12 February 2017:
I made the anchoring feet of the luggage rack from brass sheets, painted and glued them in place.