Original Kit: Revell 7344
Date Started: 31 July 2005
Date Finished: 09 August 2005
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This is the original vehicle that urged me to build this model. It has a good sense of humor in Turkish. "Köftehor" means "rascal", and "Köfte" is meatballs. And this vehicle is a kitchen on wheels that the owner cooks meatballs on a grille... As a VW bus, I had the model of one later bodyshell, so I decided to make a vehicle model of the same philosophy, out of that model I had.

31 July 2005:
I started by opening the rear grilles by a small drill.
I painted and dirtied the engine. Later, I sprayed dust color all over the bottom.
To make some dents on the body panels... I scraped the scripts off and drilled the fixing holes. Then I bent the rear door for a dent.
I made a small dent in the front corner too.
I worked on the plastic from the inside, to weaken and eventually drill out to depict rust holes.
02 August 2005:
I enlarged the inner roof opening towards the rear and filled the front part of the ceiling with styrene sheet to make a full ceiling in the front part.
04 August 2005:
I manufactured the grille and the stand from styrene. This is where they will be finally.
05 August 2005:
I manufactured the bend of the chimney pipe from styrene tubing. I heated a thin piece of brass sheet, inserted it almost to the full section of the pipe, took the metal out and pressed the molten and separated plastic together, to take a partial bend and at the same time depict the crushed pipe. Repeating this 4 times ended with a good-looking chimney pipe bend.
I covered the gap between two ceiling layers with styrene all around.
06 August 2005:
I drilled the hole that the chimney pipe would pass through.
I made a wire tip to my soldering gun and worked the rust signs on the body.
I painted with two shades of brown all over the holes and wiped the paint before dry, leaving paint inside the potholes.
I covered the grille with BMF, and the grille plate with aluminium sheet.
To depict oily drip and burn residues I painted the parts with flat black and Testors Rubber mixture, then brushed with a metal brush.
The complete grille finished with residues.
I also paid some attention to the roof and around the chimney. Same dirtying without brushing there.
07 August 2005:
I made a stencil on the computer by printing on a label sticker. I cut the letters out and applied it on the rear window. Then I sprayed flat white over the stencil.
I prepared a "floor vinyl cover" on the computer, printed on normal paper and applied 6 coats of clear. Then I cut to shape and glued it on the floor.