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19 March 2000:
These are the headlamp housings. The material was the cap of a ball-point pen. It was cut to suitable

length so that its diameter would fit the reflector bezels.(They were taken from Jeep CJ-7 kit)
The inside was machined with Dremel to take the reflectors. The outside was also rough-machined with Dremel then fined with file and sandpaper. The support rod was also crafted with filing the cap extension.
Holes were drilled on the fenders to mount the housings. 

Positioning check of the headlamps.

This is how it looks with the reflectors put on.

23 March 2000:
I painted the car acrylic metallic purple with spray can.

29 March 2000:Now the hood hinge. The hinge was made of paper clip wire.

A pre-examination of proper operation of hinges. Naturally, this was done while holding the body, firewall and the hinge all together in my hands. 
Notice that the grille and the bulge on the cowl have been filled with putty and sanded down.

Two styrene sheets were glued on the back of the firewall to serve as the base plates of the hinge.

Hinge secured in place with hot melt glue. When it is close to rigid cooled-down state, the hinge is rotated so that the bond on the wire is broken. Now we have an operating hinge. 

Two styrene blocks are prepared to take the hinge arms. They are first glued under the hood very tenderly, with the hood in place on the car, so that they will be in a good-fit condition. Then the hood was taken out and glued strongly. 

And finally- the operating hood hinge.