Corvette  Gasser

Kit No.
Concept, with scratchbuilt parts

Started: 23 April 2006
Finished: 10 July 2006

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23 April 2006:
This model was made as a contribution to the "gasser theme" in ModelCarList. I started with this AMT kit.
Choosing wheels and tyres, I decided to go on.
I enlarged the rear wheelarches to suit the big rear wheels.
Then I added some flaring with styrene sheet, to the upper parts of the wheelarches.
I sanded down the scripts, also the cowl grilles and wipers.
24 April 2006:
I made a chassis from 3.2 mm styrene tubing...
....and checked for fit with the body.
26 April 2006:
I used the rear springs from the "Garbage Truck" kit.
28 April 2006:
I resin-copied the rear axle from the 53 Ford F-100 kit and cut off the excess ends. then I fixed the axle to the rear springs with epoxy glue.
09 May 2006:
I also used the front axle from the "Garbage Truck" kit, and cut off 5 mm from each side to keep the required front track.
I embedded wires inside the axle parts, and fixed them with CA glue.
I manufactured the front springs from styrene sheet and added the spring eyes from styrene tubing.
I made the spring brackets from styrene sheet and then fixed them on the chassis.
After glueing the front axle to the front springs, the rolling chassis was ready.
11 May 2006:
I decided to go for a tilting hood, so I glued the kit's hood in place and then cut off the full front from the body.
I trimmed the inner firewall and the center console.
13 May 2006:
I tailored the floor panel and glued the center console.
I manufactured the rear part of the roll-cage from 3 mm dia. styrene rod.