Original Kit: Tamiya 24085 Eunos Roadster
Started: September 18, 2005
Finished: October 02, 2005

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September 18, 2005
This is how it was initially.  This was a model that had no appeal to me, so I felt that I should have some playing with it. I sketched some oval headlamps instead of the hidden ones.
Then I saw the remaining parts of a Viper. I figured out that the roof would suit this Mazda, so I cut the roof.
A test fit showed positive.
With the addition of the glass, I decided to proceed. I cut some plastic to open up the side window a bit more, since the seat was placed towards the rear.
The headlamps of a PT Cruiser fit in very well, after some minutes of tailoring.
I finalized the side window opening by cutting out a bit more, covering the gas filler of the Viper and trimming the new lines for the upper door part.
I had to cut the front part of the chassis and the wheel wells due to the reflectors, so I applied some steel putty to hold the body on the chassis.
Then I permenantly glued the roof to the body.
September 20, 2005
The dashboard was RHD, and I did not want it that way, so I decided to change it to LHD. Something more to play with!
I drilled lots of 0.5 mm holes around the dash cowl and separated it from the panel.
The detached parts are shown.
September 21, 2005
I glued in the parts for LHD positions. Puttying will take care of the rest.
September 24, 2005
The dashboard had to be extended due to the new windshield position; so I cut two layers of extensions, the lower one for stiffening.
I glued the extensions to the dashboard and applied putty. I cut the rear flocked panel from an mp3 player box! 
I sprayed white base to the body, it needs more care at some points.
September 25, 2005
A fellow modeler, Ceki Erginbas, suggested that I open a quarter window at the back of the side window, to blend in better with the smooth shape of the car. 
Well, was he right! 
I applied silver as a base coat for the clear red in my mind.
I sprayed Tamiya X-27 clear red on the silver, to get a nice shade of metallic dark orange.