New Mini GT
Original Kit: Revell 7383
Date Started: 13 June 2005
Date Finished: 31 July 2005
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13 June 2005:
I was playing around with parts when I happened to put a cut roof of the New beetle on the body of the New Mini. Decided that it should look good with some chopping of the roof pillars, to make a "fastback 2-seater New Mini"...
I cut 7 mm from the back pillars and did not touch the front side, to give a rake towards the back. This position looked convincing to me. The B-pillar has to be shifted forward.
16 June 2005:
I cut the B-pillar and glued the roof to the body.
Since the glue held the roof at small spots (especially at the back), I reinforced the connection by applying epoxy glue on the insides.
19 June 2005:
I cut templates from cardboard to cover the rear seats region.
I shaved down the headrests and other bulges from the rear tray.
I trimmed the windshield, sun visors and ceiling console from the VW clear part.
Testing the windshield, its bottom was revealed above the cowl but with a little displacement and stressed installation, it fit into place reasonably.
I temporarily glued the inner tub and dashboard to check for any clashes with the windshield.
Voila! Good fit....
I cut a template for the rear window, since the curvature of the VW rear window did not fit with the Mini contours.
I manufactured the rear cover panels from styrene and made a test-fit.
20 June 2005:
Then it occured to me that I put a sunroof in. First, I cut the glass part from the VW clear. It is translucent but with a Humbrol Clear Cote it will be close to transparent--- but will be colored anyhow!