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STARTED ON  NOV.25th, 2001  AND FINISHED ON  NOV.30th, 2001 !

It was the same day the Pt Pickup was finished, that it occured to me to build something from the scrap kits I had. I also had 5 days ahead to set off to Georgia, where I would stay for some months; so I had to finish it in 5 days, packing up for the trip included ! 
Laying out what I had in hand, I figured out the car:

Body and inner : Copperhead
Hood and grille : Prowler
Rear panel         : Viper
Wheels               : Viper (Copperhead's wheels had gone to Pt Cruncher)
Tires                   : VW New Beetle

Putting parts like Legos, I configured the outlines as shown.

To embed the Prowler hood in the Copperhead's, I drew the outline of the place to be removed.
The Viper rear was glued onto the Copperhead's, the empty spaces to be filled with polyester putty later on.
I cut out the hood as I had marked before.
I glued the Prowler's hood in its place. The curvature of the rear part had to be revised for exact fits with the windshield.
I cut the bumper edges at the wheelarch and added styrene part to smoothly integrate the body and the tail.
Now the front grille. I cut it to fit roughly in as shown. The mating of the center grille with the side intakes was a challenging job. I planned to fill the side gap with putty. But to smooth finish the putty in the tiny places was almost impossible, so I decided to apply the putty from the back side, while providing a smooth surface on the visible side.
I tailor-cut the grille profile on a cardboard. 
While holding the card in place, I applied 5-minute silicone putty on the grille. The card provided a flat surface that the putty would lean on and dry flat there too. After the putty settled, I removed the card to leave the silicone putty surface to act as the back of the mold, when the filling polyester putty would be applied from the inside.
I applied polyester putty from the inside by means of a toothpick, pushing the putty towards the silicone mold.
Voila !!!   Very clean result, needing only minor fillings with additional putty. I applied putty in the remaining places with the tip of #11 blade, being so careful as not having to sand more.