1955  Chevy  BelAir

August - September 2002

Kit No.
1 / 25
Box Stock
The first thing to start with was to sand down the mold marks that were excessive.
The scripts were applied BMF prior to painting. But not as seen on this pic, the BMF was trimmed as close as possible to the script.
I painted the body metallic crimson and white. White was applied first, then followed by crimson with masking. After the white was applied, I wiped the high points on the scripts with the tip of a toothpick.
Here is the body before BMF ing the front fender.
..and after BMF applied on the front fenders.
The door inners were painted and BMF applied on handles, kickplate and loudspeaker grille. The grille was given a blackwash and high points wiped clean.
Here is an internal pic following the assembly of front bench and side panels.
...and a view from the front of the inner tub.
The dashboard...Flat black paint on the speedo and others, wiped off on high points. 
Dash mounted in the inner tub.
Body on rolling wheels...
One last look at the Chevrolet emblem before it is covered by the spare wheel....
I did  not like the vent windows being glued on the insides of the frames, so I filed off the flanges of the window and inserted the glass in the frame.
And the finished beauty...