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Box Stock
This is a very fine kit, both in the details added and quality of moldings. The car is built box-stock, only that Bare Metal Foil is applied everywhere.Took lots of painstaking hours for the BMF. Just some comments about this kit. It is an excellent kit, needed no adjustments to fit. Very clever design of parts trees, the connections are made at where you would see the least. That is VERY important in my criteria! Very little flashes, only a few mold sinks. Unfortunately, two are on the door handles, but I did not bother to handle the handles! While building this kit, I appreciated the engineering of when I was 2 years old!
Below are pictures taken during construction, July 2002.
First steps in construction...
How do you like the rough paint on the rear axle and trailing arms? It was purely unintentional, did the job before going to work in the morning, with a cold and unshaken rattle can. I liked the looks so I left it as it is....
A close-up of the engine installed in place. Future builders, be aware that in the assembly instructions, the part no.s of right and left exhaust manifolds are interchanged...
Now it's a rolling chassis..
The dashboard top had some molding sinks, and I applied putty to correct the surface.
I could have assembled the real one, in the same time as I applied BMF on the door insides of the 59 Caddy!!!!
Here's a shot of the door inside. 
Here is a side-internal shot, displaying the chrome.
And one from the top. Chrome all over!
Loudspeaker grille given a black wash and wiped over.
BMF application on the hood.
I did not like the painted speedo. So I generated one on the computer, printed and glued it in its place...BMF took its place as necessary...It was hard to fix and trim BMF on the lower air outlets.
This was the first time that I tried BMF application on scripts. I applied a strip as wide as the script on the fender of the Caddy.
Then I painted the BMF strip all over, with the body color. After it dried, I rubbed the high parts with a toothpick, scraping the paint off.
I accidentally discovered that scraping with a (dried) painted tip scrapes the paint better than a new wooden toothpick. I had applied paint with a toothpick tip, and let it aside. When the time came, I began rubbing with the painted tip. I said "oops!" and tried with the other plain end, to notice in surprise that it did not scrape as well! A little thinking was enough to comment: Though dry, the sticky surface of the paint grabbed the paint on the BMF better than plain wood...
And here is a finished look... I liked the result!
The assembled front inside.
Now some more pics taken during BMF application.
The front grille was given a black wash and wiped at its highs. The recesses between the headlamps were painted body color.
The same wash-wipe treatment was done with the rear bumper/grille too.
How forgetting a mind can be!!! Just not more than 5 minutes ago, I was thinking of painting the bottom of the tub flat black. Then I forgot all about everything and assembled the chassis with the body! And you see the result...
Next task I took was to disassemble them. It was as hard as assembling, those who did this model know what I'm talking about....You have to make full use of flexibility of the plastic of the pulley-generator-compressor-etc. group, to fit between the wheelwells. Reverse operation requires the same patience. 
I then painted the tub bottom flat black and assembled the thing once again. So it took 3 patience sessions...

And now at last...The Caddy is ready to cruise with all its glamor and elegance....