1966 Ford Thunderbird

Kit No.
Box Stock
This is not a good quality kit. The body has very sharp mold lines, which I corrected by filling and sanding. The windshield frame and wipers are cast on the body. The underbody is a one-piece mold, that naturally is detail-poor. Wheels are on run-thru metal axles. The headlamps are chrome-plated, which I have never been able to understand why they are produced. The only fine detail I can say about this model are the very finely engraved scripts. 

Built during  October 2002

To house the reflectors, I also drilled the front side.
After filling and sanding operations, I applied a primer.
I gave a blackwash to the front grille, and wiped off the paint at high spots.
I applied BMF on the scripts before painting. After each coat, I scraped the paint off at the heights. The paint I used was Mar-Hyde Fiesta 61506 yellow
The internal tub also had its share from the BMF.
The internal tub painted.
The rear seats and BMF trimming. I applied leather paint for the seats.
The dashboard having BMF treatment before paint.
Inside completed.
For the headlamp lenses, I scratched acetate sheet with the reverse of #11 blade, and cold-pressed it with the tip of Testors Glue cap.
The reflectors were formed the same way, and then treated with BMF on the insides, using the cap again.
Reflectors finished and trimmed.
Reflectors placed inside the body.
The lenses were cut to size and fixed to the bezel plate by Testors glass maker, and after curing, the assembly was put on the body with the same bonder.
Then the body was BMF treated on the windshield frame, wipers and door handles and received two layers of clear.
"Murphy" is at my service again! I was cutting the chromed signal lamps on top of the front fenders. The second one I cut just went in the air somewhere! I even could not see where it went, to trace it! Big mistake not to keep a guard with my hand. But the plastic seemed to cut smoothly. Don't be deceived! Always take your guard against such jumps.....
So I began scratchbuilding one out of toothpick ends as in the first pic. 
The problem is solved in the second pic. I think you can tell that the lower one is the BMF covered duplicate, but let be it!  I also had to file some of my fingernails and skin in the process...
Following are the pics of the finished model.