Citroen 2CV
Kit: Tamiya  No: 24164
Started: 01 February 2008
Finished: 27 April 2008
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01 February 2008:
This is the photo of the box. I intended to build this as box-stock.
05 February 2008:
After treating the body with sanding and priming, I painted the body with Gunze FS 13538 Yellow.
10 February 2008:
I built and painted the main parts of the engine.
I masked and painted the inside door panels. I scraped the liners after painting to reveal the black plastic base material.
11 February 2008:
I sanded the tire treads for more realistic looks (upper one).
I painted the wheels and put the tires around them.
26 February 2008:
I assembled the front and rear axles and fixed them on the chassis.
I installed the engine and radiator and finished the rolling chassis.
02 March 2008:
I painted the seats and glued them on the inner tub, together with the sides.
I finished the instrument panel.
Installing the instrument panel in place finished the inner tub.