Dino Ferrari
264 GT
Kit: Fujimi Enthusiast Model No:17
Date Started: 11 August 2007
.Date Finished: 04 November 2007
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August 12, 2007:
I built the engine first, it was a hard task to assemble the all-sparate exhaust pipes. I added the spark plug wiring from 0.3 mm aluminum wire and painted the wire flat red.
I installed the engine on the chassis.
August 18, 2007:
I applied Alclad chrome as the base coat. 
Then I airbrushed 3 coats of clear red glass paint. I will have to do some polishing. 
August 19, 2007:
I mounted the front and rear axle groups on the chassis.
It was real pain to mount the rear assembly. The mating parts of the components were not precise as they should be, so I had some hard time to group them in proper geometry. I made the final fixing with  CA glue.
August 24, 2007:
The dashboard was given in two parts (which I find unnecessary apart from aiming for some putty and sanding operation), so I applied automotive polyester putty after glueing the two parts, then sanded smooth.

I applied tan flocking locally, to depict a leather and fabric composition in the doors and seats.
August 25, 2007:
I covered the dashboard with dark grey flocking, but in scale it did not show close to reality. So I airbrushed a light coat of flat black over, and compressed the flocking so it finally looked better.

August 28, 2007:
I built and fixed the steering wheel assembly to the dashboard.