Kit: AMT 31226
Scale:  1/25
Started: 19 December 2007
Finished: 19 January 2008
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19 December 2007:
After a general sanding of the body, I drilled the front openings.
Then I filed and sanded the openings.
I shaved off the push pin marks under the hood.
I applied Bare Metal Foil on the scripts before painting. After the paint is dry, these will be cleared to expose the necessary metal.

29 December 2007:
I painted the main body with Tamiya 34 Camel Yellow, spray can.
30 December 2007:
I built the engine block. I painted the valve cover with Gunze's Aluminum Mr. Metal Color because it was cast in chrome. I drilled spark plug holes and wired the plugs with 0.35 mm aluminum wire (painted red) and depicted the spark plugs with white cable insulation.
The other side of the engine.
The inner door details were simply ugly and unrealistic. So I decided not to bother with any detailing but paint it plain flat black..
31 December 2007:
I painted two stripes with flat black.
I painted the dashboard flat black too, and rubbed my fingers on it to partly shine the highs of the surface texture. I scraped off the gauges' displays and applied gloss fingernail polish over to depict the glass.
01 January 2008:
Now a tricky remedy for a defect of the kit..
The windscreen rubber gasket is discontinued at the fender ends. However, in real, the bodywork should go below the windscreen, holding the rubber gasket, till the other fender. The kit  also has a misfitting; you can see the gap between the glass bottom and the body. This could not be left as it was.
I cut a styrene half-round strip of 1 mm, cut to fit, gave an initial shape to fit the bottom line of the glass and glued very carefully at one end.
I glued the rest of the strip to form the missing rubber gasket profile.
I painted the strip and its extensions on the glass.
So, a better and more realistic appearance is achieved.