UTE-1949 Ford

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March 25, 2004:

I assembled the rolling chassis. I wore out the tires a bit with sandpaper.

I put the dashboard in place and now the inner tub waits for the body. 
I furnished the bed with wood strips of 0.5mm (0.02") thick.
I used double-sided transparent sticker film for the purpose.
The contouring wood strip is 1mm thick.
March 27, 2004:

I applied BMF to window openings and drip rails

I applied on the door handles too, after this photo was taken...

The automotive acrylic paint I painted it with,  was shining good. 
I applied clear coat on it and after it cured, I began polishing it with paste.... to see that it embedded brownish deposits in the clear coat! Unrecoverable without applying new paint!
So that's what I did. I masked all the BMF and the wooden bed with Tamiya masking tape and carefully applied paint again.
Now I won't apply any clear or try to polish it. That was enough!

April 10, 2004:

I cut the window glasses from acetate sheet and fixed them in. Then I assembled the tub, body and chassis. I fixed the grille and bumper with epoxy glue.

I applied BMF to rear lamp inners for good shine. 
The rest are the finished pics of the UTE. 
It was an interesting piece to work on, as well as being a rare model that one can't always find.

  ...and the finished pictures...