Scale : 1/24
Started: 09 September 2010
Finished: 04 October 2010

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09 September 2010:
Using the body from the sedan model, I cut it in scale. I re-scribed the shortened door panel lines and marked the to-be-filled space on the side windows. I also cut the floor panel to suitable length.

I filled the rear of the side windows with plastic sheet. I made a template for the rear panel. To depict the stampings, I used two layers of styrene sheets glued on one another.

10 September 2010:
I made the rubber lining of the rear window from half-round styrene, and CA-glued the whole rear panel to the body.

I made the joining of the drip channel at the rear. Puttying and sanding, the cab begins to take shape.

 11 September 2010:
I trimmed on the rear panel, the spaces where the chassis members will pass. Then I closed the window openings and sprayed a coat of primer for checks.

25 September 2010:
I cut the bed panels from Evergreen metal siding sheets. To depict the external and internal appearance, I cut the panels for inside and outside. I scraped the ribs where the external reinforcments would go.

I joined the bed panels, then treated the joints with putty and sanding.

29 September 2010:
I made the sub-chassis of the bed from styrene strips and glued on the chassis.

30 September 2010:
For the bench seat, I modified the back angle of the sedan's bench, added balsa sheets for extra height and re-shaped the space for the shaft tunnel.

Since the model would be weathered, I painted the bed sides with stainless steel paint. For the bed floor, I made use of  aluminum ducting tape.

I painted the bed with rust shade, then made some regional wipe with thinner to expose the metal.

Before the final paint, I locally covered the bed surface with wetted salt and painted it black. After drying, I brushed the salt away to expose partly rust and partly metal. I retouched some places with black drybrushing.

Since the doors were shorter than the 2-door sedan, the inner panels had to be revised. I cut the panels to length, then made some re-sculpting with polyester putty and sanding.

I made the fuel tank from balsa sheets with a styrene sheet between depicting the seam.

01 October 2010:
I assembled the chassis. I weathered the exhaust piping with rust. I hang the pipe at its rear, with some buckled wire (economic way of replacing rubber hanger!)

I made a frontal support construction from styrene tubing. I used plasterboard reinforcing for the mesh.

I painted the floor flat black, the bench seat semi-gloss black. I printed a rug on paper and weathered it, then fixed it on the bench.

02 October 2010:
I glued the wheels and the fuel tank in place. I manufactured the rear mudguards from brass sheet.