Building Period:
30 March 1999 -
30 June 1999
PART   5
THE  BODY - 2.
The rear wheel wells were prepared by cutting to smoothen the bend and fillet soldering. 
The wells were soldered to the body at the inside and their bottom parts trimmed to mach the chassis contour. The fillet solder was then ground with Dremel.
This is how it looks after grinding. 
The areas where the doors would be were marked to be cut. They were cut off by Dremel.
Now back to the doors. The internal panels were cut as a development, and bent to shape with pliers. A test-fitting to see how they fit. Note the gap left for the glass.
The door panels were joined with solder. Pre-soldering was made on the mating edges with soldering iron. The parts were joined by applying the heat of a torch.
A test-fit with the doors to see if everything is OK.
The rocker panels are prepared by cutting out a development and bending with pliers. This is a critical part because it has curvatures in all 3 axes. Note point solders inside. These were put at the places of irregular protrutions after bending, as filling material. They were ground smooth afterwards.
The rocker panels were soldered to the body with the doors in place. 
The windshield panel in raw formed shape. The bendings were made with round pliers.
The windshield panel is soldered into place .
Imperfections in the bends ground by Dremel.
The recess panels between the floorpan and the rocker panels are formed and soldered into place.