BMC TM-140 Truck
(Selvi Boylum Al Yazmalim)

Scale : 1/24
Started: 12 December 2007
Finished: 04 May 2016  

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BMC TM-140 is one of the milestones of Turkish truck manufacturing industry. The BMC factory in Turkey was founded under licence of BMC (U.K.) and manufacturing started in 1966. The first trucks were cab-derivatives of WF series, with bend-formed sheet metal cabs instead of die-formed body panels.
The initial production was named as TM-135, which was produced in small numbers, then TM-140 was produced in 3 series during the production years.
The TM-140 was a robust but a comfortless truck, with a mechanical and hard-to-turn steering wheel. These trucks have performed very tough jobs throughout the years, and many are still in operation.
The model I chose to make is the truck used in the famous Turkish film "Selvi Boylum Al Yazmalim" (1978). Since no kit of this truck exists, it had to be built fully from scratch. I developed the parts from the blueprints.

12 December 2007:
I began by cutting the chassis arms from 0.3 mm brass sheet, then bent them. I soldered the notched parts from the insides and filed them smooth.

21 January 2008:
I began manufacturing the cross-members from the rearmost one. I cut the development and bent to shape. I applied some pre-soldering to the ends of the cross-member and the inside of the chassis arm, where the member would rest.

While holding the member in place, I applied heat with a torch and melted the mating solders, thus making a weld.

22 January 2008:
I prepared the member for spare wheel hanging, the same way.

25 January 2008:
Again the torch was used to weld the member in place.

Now was the turn of cross-members of front and rear brackets of the rear springs. I cut and bent to shape. I applied pre-soldering to where the parts would meet.

While holding firmly with pliers, I applied the torch heat to weld the mating parts.

I welded the two cross-members in place just like the preceding ones.

17 August 2009:
I prepared the parts of the saddle shaped traverse with pre-soldering at the mating edges.

Then I joined the traverse within itself and then completed the frame except for the foremost one.

February 2016:

I drew the developments of the cab panels on Autocad.

12 February 2016:

I cut the panels from 0.25 mm brass sheet, bent and soldered together.

15 February 2016:

I prepared the front grille frame, joined with solder and smoothed with a file.

20 February 2016:
I designed the doors with an operating lock. I manufactured the parts accordingly.

Door lock system assembled.

Exterior view of the door.

Internal door panel positioned temporarily in place. It will be joined with the outer panel after future operations.

21 February 2016:
I cut the leaf spring brackets from brass sheets, bent and soldered. To imitate bolts, I used heads of pins inserted in the drilled holes and fixed with epoxy glue.