BMC TM-140 Truck
(Selvi Boylum Al Yazmalim)

Scale : 1/24
Started: 12 December 2007
Finished: 04 May 2016  

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16 March 2016:
I prepared the steering knuckles from brass sheet and soldered M2 screws.

19 March 2016:
Now on to the rear springs.  Contrary to the front ones, since they would be thicker, I chose styrene sheets to build the springs. I only made the main leaf from two layers of brass sheet soldered together, to provide some load bearing capacity.

I prepared the shackles from brass sheet for the front springs and installed them in place. I made the tie rod from aluminum rod, drilled the ends and connected to the steering system with pins.
I also prepared the shackles for the rear springs and installed the rear springs in place.

20 March 2016:
For the rear axle, I used square brass tube and brass sheets for spring fixing plates.  For the axle extensions, I used M2 screws, their heads turned to a diameter to tight-fit in the square tube. To maintain concentricity, I applied M2 rivet nuts atthe axle ends.

I made the differential housing by cutting layers of styrene sheets and filling with epoxy putty, then sanding.

I fixed the rear axle group to the springs with epoxy glue.

21 March 2016:
For the wheels, I played on Jimmy Flintstone JFW-1 (9-20) resin wheel. I filled the openings, to open circular holes later. The number of wheel nuts will be 8 as well.

For the brake drums, I made a model from styrene sheets and produced a silicone mold.

I made the fuel tank from brass sheet.

I shaped the tank brackets from brass C-section. I bent them by heating and drilled the retainer clamp belt holes. I made the retainer belts from brass sheet.

I soldered the brackets on the chassis, put the fuel tank on the brackets and fixed by using the retainer belts.

23 March 2016:
I made the rear pull-bar traverses from brass sheet. I made the towing hook bracket from the head of a cable wire clip. I fixed all with epoxy glue.

24 March 2016:
For the front bumper, I cut out one side of a rectangular brass tubing with Dremel and got a C-section.

I made notches with Dremel at  the ends and bent the bumper.

I filled the gaps with solder.

I made surface smoothing with epoxy putty, and made posts at the ends from 1 mm iron wire and soldered.

The wheel as taken from the mold and trimmed.

26 March 2016:
I made the engine and gearbox assembly from balsa Since the hood is not openable, the engine will not have any details. However, something must be present there to insert the driveshaft, so that is the reason I built the engine etc.

I prepared the installing points of the cab to the chassis. I drilled the traverses, and soldered M2 rivet nuts at the countering points on the base.

I completed the steering system until the steering box outlet.

I prepared the cab steps from brass sheet and wire, and soldered on the chassis. Actually, the steps on the original vehicle are bolt-mounted to the cab but on this vehicle in the film, they were removed and such a construction was applied; so I stayed in fidelity with the film.
I made the brake servo tank from styrene tubing, wooden rod and brass sheets and fixed on the chassis with epoxy glue.