BMC TM-140 Truck
(Selvi Boylum Al Yazmalim)

Scale : 1/24
Started: 12 December 2007
Finished: 04 May 2016  

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27 March 2016:
I made the rear light brackets from brass rods, drilled at ends, and soldered to the chassis.

I made the handbrake lever assembly on the rear axle from brass sheet and rod and glued on the axle with epoxy glue.

Manufacturing of the driveshaft. I cut the ends of brass tube with Dremel, then shaped with pliers to form the fork of the universal joint. I made the cross of the joint by solderinf two pieces of 0.8 mm wire. The leftmost part is to go into the differental housing. For the sliding toothed joint, I soldered a brass rod inside the tube.

The rear part of the shaft as assembled.

I made the frontal part of the driveshaft in the same manner. For the shaft bearing, I grinded the edges of a nut and soldered it on a brass C-section.

The driveshaft temporarily assembled on the chassis.

28 March 2016:
I started to assemble the cab with the sides.

29 March 2016:
I soldered the fenders in place.

30 March 2016:
For the heater hoses, I bent M2 screw, cut the head off and grinded one end. This end will go in the drilled holes in the styrene tube.

I fixed the hoses to the heater by CA glue, while held in place in the cab.

I made the bases for the seats from brass sheet and soldered in place.

31 March 2016:
I made the exhaust pipe hanger from brass sheet and soldered on the chassis.

01 April 2016:
I soldered the rear and roof panels in place.

02 April 2016:
I installed the handbrake wiring.

I glued the front grille frame to the cab with epoxy glue.

I put the cab on temporarily and glued the bumper to the chassis with epoxy glue.

I made the seating construction for the spare tire from brass.