BMC TM-140 Truck
(Selvi Boylum Al Yazmalim)

Scale : 1/24
Started: 12 December 2007
Finished: 04 May 2016  

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03 April 2016:
I made the safety chain (to prevent shaft drop in case the universal joint breaks) across the chassis.

I made the step plate on the left side of the bumper. The vehicle in the film had the right side absent so I did not manufacture it.

04 April 2016:
I positioned the door hinges and fixed with epoxy glue. However, it did not hold well, so I scraped the epoxy residues and fixed the hinges with solder, taking extreme care that heat did not melt the solder in close areas. To guarantee that hinges remain coaxial, I inserted a 0.5 mm drill through the hinges.

The doors in open position.

06 April 2016:
I worked on the steering wheel. In the actual vehicle, the spokes are made of four wires at each spoke. The only way to manufacture it is photoetching, however, since I had no possibilities I made the spokes from styrene sheet and covered them with aluminum duct tape. I scribed channels and made a blackwash. I made the ring from copper wire.

07 April 2016:
I manufactured the side ventilation intakes from brass sheet and glued them on the cab with CA glue.

I made the raw seats from balsa.

For the front grille, I took 0.1 mm thick aluminum sheet and formed channels by a toothpick tip.

The three parts of the front grille are ready to be joined.

I glued the three parts at their bent sides by CA glue.

08 April 2016:
A temporary fitting test.

09 April 2016:
I painted the chassis, installed the engine and drivetrain and the exhaust pipe.

I applied a trial first coat of paint.

Some clearances turned to be too small, even with the first coat of paint, rubbing and chipping points appeared. I will take care of these points later.

The cab put over the chassis.

10 April 2016:
I prepared the dashboard and painted the wheels, applied rust effects.

11 April 2016:
Completion of the seats. I prepared the developments for the seats from flat black sticky folio and scribed the seat patterns with a blunt scriber.

I fixed pieces of sponge on the base of seats.

I made the same procedures for the rest, and wrapped the development around the base. For the rug on the bench, I printed a two-sided rug pattern, glued them back-to-back, folded, crushed and got rid of the paper looks.

I glued the folds of the rug to one another and glued the finished rug on the bench part.