Detailing a Matchbox #69 Rolls-Royce Coupe

Start: 31 Oct. 2003  /  Finish: 10 Nov. 2003

Detailing this piece has been an urge in me for a long time. This car was not in a bad condition, it had some minor paint chips and dull metal front. 
First I dismantled the whole apart...

I filed and sanded the mold parting lines.

I sanded down the flange-like contour around the boot.

Now the boot has smooth and correct contour.

The front part also needed good care for sanding down the parting lines, they were in delicate places.

I stripped the paint with an automotive paint remover.

Body in the white...

I applied BMF to front signals and grilles, the hood center trim, rear licence plate, rocker panel trim and the door handles before painting.

I chose a metallic dark blue for the new color. I applied two coats, and after each coat, I scraped the paint on the BMF. I painted the front signals with clear orange.

I scraped the paint on the tail lamps and painted clear orange and red on the exposed metal. I applied BMF on the rear bumper and covered all with two thin clear coats.

A bit paint and BMF detail at the front...

...and at the rear.

The original orange windshield was unacceptable so I manufactured a frame for a new windshield. I used a 1-mm dia. brass rod.

I squared the surfaces and the fixing parts.

Now the hardest of them all. I wanted realistic looking headlamps, so the bulgy metal lens imitations had to be turned to "negative". First I drilled center holes with a 0.5 mm drill to guide the carver.

I broke apart the headlamps from the grille and luckily, they had a small rectangular boss at their backs so I could fix them to a vise. I carved the reflectors veeeery slowly. One miss in good command would be a disaster. After they were carved, I covered them with BMF.

I sanded smooth the breaking points of the headlamps and covered the whole thing with BMF. I applied a flat black wash to the grille and wiped away. I painted the licence plate flat black and scraped the letters.

I painted the windshield frame and fixed it into place with epoxy. I cut the windshield from acetate and fixed it with Testors Clear Part Cement.

The door insides also needed something scratcbuilt. I used white hard paper for the panels and some styrene for the armrests.

I prepared the dashboard on the computer and glued it in place. I removed the top of the 4-spokes and had a 3-spoke wheel. I glued the door insides and formed the "tub". I painted the inside flat brown on the floor and flat creamish-white on the seats.

All installed in the car...

OK...Here are 3/4 frontal and rear views.
The front part is the most standing out. I manufactured the headlamp lenses by putting drops of Humbrol Clear Fix in the reflectors. I repeated these droppings 3 times after each layer was dry.

And finally, "before and after" pictures. 

No, I'm not planning to do the same to the other one!