Cars I Have Owned Series
06 LLF 12
Original Model: Norev

Scale : 1/43
Start: 07 August 2016
Finish: 20 August 2016

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The model of the car (prod. in 1993) that I had during 1998-2006.

The model initially. 

I split the model and stripped the whole paint.

I cleaned the whole body.
My car was 2 liters, and had a spoiler on the boot. So I had to manufacture one for the model. I cut the blank from 1 mm brass sheet and bent the ends. Made some more matching adustments.

I aligned the shape with the body contours and smoothed the part with a file.

The spoiler had a fixing foot in the middle. I thought of using this feature as a means for mechanical fixing, to be much better than glueing.
I drilled a hole on the boot lid and inserted a proper wire through.

I painted the underside of the spoiler with marker pen, aligned the spoiler with the body and made a sign on the marker at the touching point. I drilled the spoiler at this point, passed the wire through and soldered the wire with the spoiler.

I cut the wire extension after soldering. The spoiler is made.

The views of the spoiler in place.

I painted the body and spoiler (Fi 429 Night blue)


I used Bare Metal Foil to mask the door insides. Normal masking tape would not take the surface contours.

I painted the door inners. After the main coat, I applied darker dust from a bit away to give some pattern. Then I removed the masking.

I painted the seats in the same manner with the door inners, but a shade darker.

I used parafilm to mask for flat black painting job.

I painted the flat blacks and removed the masking.

I painted the 3rd brake light on the rear edge of the spoiler. I cut parts from chrome strip and fixed inside the mirrors.

The photos of the finished model...

The original car's photo.