PEUGEOT  206cc

Scale : 1/24
Started: 26 June 2011
Finished: 29 June 2011 

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I made this model as a wedding present for the son of a very dear friend of mine.
After the wedding, they got on their car (without any celebrating signs etc, just as they drive daily) and drove away.

I used a Maisto die-cast model for building the replica.

26 June 2011:
The model as original, before disassembly.

After disassembling the model, I removed all the paint with automotive paint remover.



I sanded down the mold marks at the front and rear.

I applied a primer and checked the body. To depict the rear lamps more authentic, I used a carrier film for PVC stickers and shaped it by stretching and heating over the metal. The shaped and cut sample is seen as textured on the rear right lamp.

27 June 2011:
I removed the full-cast roll bars and manufactured bars from brass rod and put in place.
For the chromed emblems and scripts, I printed them on clear decal paper and applied the decal on Bare Metal Foil.

28 June 2011:
The original model's mirror was molded in clear and had much irregularities on the surface, so I sanded it flat, painted flat black and applied Bare Metal Foil on the surface.

I painted the insides with red, like the real one.

The model's gear shift level was cast blunt and thick. To add a realistic knob, I first drilled the shift stick at its middle. I made a knob from plastic and inserted a heted pin in the bottom. I painted the knob as in the real one and glued in place after inserting the pin in the hole. I painted the release buttons of the safety belts with fluorescent orange.

To manufacture the display base, I used two walls from Noch railroad accessories. On the right is the original part, and on the left is after I made a blackwash. I will make the other part as a brick wall.


To fix the model to the base, I made use of the model's original fixing element. I engraved a housing to take the fixing part and drilled the necessary holes. In the centre the fixing element is shown as inserted.
Rightmost is the wall fixed to the base.

28 June 2011:
I painted the center of the dashboard with titanium metalizer and highlighted the buttons. I painted the roll bars with Alclad chrome and the body metallic black. I fixed the emblems and scripts in place, then applied a clear coat for protection. I covered the rear lamps with Bare Metal Foil and painted the upper regions with clear light red, and the lower regions with clear dark red. Then I fixed the previously made textured plastic covers over them. I made the third brake and fog lamps by painting dark red over Bare Metal Foil. I engraved the inside of the exhaust pipe and painted the outside with chrome. Finally, I printed the licence plates and glued them on.

29 June 2011:
The model as finished...

The upper three lines are from their wedding invitation, the last two lines I added. It says;

We met. We've been together a lot. We talked.
We laughed. We had fun. We loved each other a lot.
We said alright.
We married.
We got on this car and drove away.