The New Beetle-RS 
(Roadster Sport)
Original Kit: Revell Snap 7106
Date Started: 03 June 2004
.Date Finished: 21 August 2004
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A long-nose roadster idea came to my mind as I was rotating the body in my hands. 
I've turned the car the other way round, I used the rear of the kit as the front. 
What I will make is a front engine-rear drive roadster with some power. So I want a long nose and with the hood's end being close to a V-shape, like the Old Beetle. That's why I turned the car around, because the rear part is closer to what I want.
I bought a die-cast BMW Z3, which unbelievably very finely fitted the VW body with the wheelbase, track, chassis, engine (though not detailed), windshield and seats. 
I would prefer to buy a Tamiya kit for the BMW, but no chance! Out of stock... And also no engine!
Anyhow, I am after a new body concept so I really don't bother too much with the underbody.
June 05, 2004:

I took the templates of the hood opening and the windshield bottom part, on cardboards.

Some final touch was missing at the very front of the car and I put a PT Cruiser's front bumper in, to be blended with the body later.
June 06, 2004:

I tailored the firewall in place.

I trimmed the chassis of the Z3 to fit the VW contours. Measurements showed that the rear axle was 1.5 mm backwards.
I enlarged the positioning holes of the rear axle to slots, to take the rear axle 1.5 mm forward.
June 07, 2004:

I put 2 mm dia. styrene rods to hold the windshield in place. This also serves for keeping the windshield in when needed during construction and taking it away when not needed.

June 08, 2004:

I cut the raw styrene hood and bent it roughly to shape.

June 09, 2004:

I put a brass wire reinforcement under the hood for keeping the shape of the hood permenantly. I used epoxy glue for fixing.

To be a bit more nostalgic in the looks, I cut out the famous hood contour of the VW.
I glued the parts of the hood together to have the well-known form of the hood.
I applied automotive putty to the recess at the front, which was once the place for the rear licence plate.