The New Beetle-RS 
(Roadster Sport)
Original Kit: Revell Snap 7106
Date Started: 03 June 2004
.Date Finished: 21 August 2004
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June 12, 2004:

For hinging the hood, I glued pieces of styrene right behind the hood edge and drilled 1 mm holes for the hinge. I bent the hinge from a paper clips wire.

I applied masking tape on the body, then put epoxy glue under the hood and placed it on the clips wire hinge. I let it cure in this position.
After curing, I took off the masking tape and opened the hood. Put the windshield in for checking the operation. Ditto!
This is how the hood is at its underneath.
June 13, 2004:

I cut the boot open, stretching the opening lines until the bumper.

Now to make up for the gaps between the hood and the body at tthe sides. To prevent sticking of the putty, I applied Humbrol Maskol to the possible contact areas.
Then I applied automotive putty and let it cure.
Sanding and smoothing down made a better fit now.
June 28, 2004:

I carved the new door handle recesses with a spherical tip of my Dremel.

I applied putty on the old gas filler cover and door handles and some other necessary places.
July 06, 2004:

I cut the PT Cruiser front bumper to suit the VW body and glued it.

July 10, 2004:

I applied putty and some primer to see how things were going, and sanded down the sides of the front a bit more to smoothen the blend.

July 11, 2004:

There were mismatching edges especially in the front of the hood so I prepared the body with Humbrol Maskol to prevent sticking to the putty.

I applied automotive putty around the front part of the hood and let it cure while sitting in place.