Scale : 1/24
Started: 14 September 2010
Finished: 28 September 2010

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14 September 2010:
It occured to me that I use an accidentally broken body in a different way. I thought of a 2-seater roadster. I cut the boot section at the drawn line.

After having cut the rear panel, it seemed a hard task to end the body contour just below the side glazing. To continue the profile, I thought of using another front part from another waste body. It didn't seem bad with two large rear lamps. So I called this approach "symmetrical design"!

I cut off the licence plate region from the rear panel and inserted it in the body rear.

15 September 2010:
Puttying and sanding, the body began to take shape. I made an extension to the boot with styrene sheet till the back of the seats.

 I added head guards on the boot from a 1/32 plane fuel tank.

18 September 2010:
I added the rear diffuser that I made from styrene sheets, then made putty and sanding and a check primer coat.

I also made a front spoiler from styrene sheets and trimmed to fit in place.

19 September 2010:
I made fog lamp housings from an old metal ball-point pen refill.

21 September 2010:
I cut the windshield frame for a lower height, and made channels both in the frame and the body to house a steel wire for rigidity. I fixed the wires with CA glue.

View with the windshield frame fixed.

I cut the floor panel and the door inner panels to the new configuration. I also cut the panel behind the seats from styrene sheet and fixed it in place.

22 September 2010:
Since the chassis had to be cut due to shortened body and the leaf springs would no longer fit, I changed the rear suspension to coil spring and trailer arm type.

23 September 2010:
I painted the body with automotive acrylic paint and clear coat.

Since the chassis was shortened, the exhaust pipe had to be re-made. I placed the muffler sideways, it will have two outlets at the rear.

25 September 2010:
I applied flocking to the seat cushions, door insides and the floor.

26 September 2010:
For the manufacturing of rear lamps; I scribed the lens divisions on a piece of thick acetate. then made a wash with aluminum paint to give the effect of metal partitions. After painting orange and red on the back side, I fixed the lens inside a headlamp bezel.
I compiled the internal elements and fixed them inside the body with epoxy glue.

I painted the rear reflectors with chrome silver. Fot the rear diffuser grille, I cut a part from an oil trap grille for fryer tops. After cutting the holes for exhaust pipes, I fixed the grill at the inside.

I used the same material for the front spoiler intakes, then painted the headlamp reflectors and the background for the front grille.

 I made the exhaust pipe tips from styrene tubing, covered the ends with BMF and painted the insides flat black.