Beer Can Truck

Started: 01 April 2006
Finished: 22 April 2006

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Efes Pilsen is the major beer brand in Turkey. They organized a competition with the themes "Model" and "Object"; the requirement being to use at least one part of their products in the entries made for the themes. I thought of a beer truck for the "model" theme, made by using only pieces from various beer cans and bottle caps, and nothing else. Just plain beer cans, with no correction alterations as puttying, all natural.
Efes is well known for supporting many cultural activities, annual blues festival being just one of them. I thought of a concept vehicle, carrying an "opening stage" on it, with a band playing. With this, I aimed to emphasize on recalling "joy" in people's minds, together with Efes..

This model won the first prize, a  106 cm. (42") Samsung Plasma TV!!!

01 April 2006:
I started with the front of the cab. The shape of the draft beer can was suitable for the job.
Next, I cut and bent the main frame bars.
02 April 2006:
I manufactured the traverses and the rear bumper, then fixed them together with epoxy glue. Since the material is aluminum, either CA or epoxy glues were used throughout the model manufacturing.
I cut the side panels, positioning the template such that the side paint themes are symmetrical and matching with the front panel too.
I punched 4 holes for the headlamps in the front panel.
Then I glued the front and side panels of the cab.
I manufactured the roof and the rear panel of the cab and glued them too.
Then I added the front bumper.
04 April 2006:
For the front mudguards, I made use of the can bottoms. I hammered the circumferential extensions for smoothing the surface and then cut into two halves.
I cut out the wheelarches and glued them under the cab. Meanwhile, I placed acetate sheets, painted black on the insides for the glasses, to look like dark solar film was applied.
05 April 2006:
I completed the front mudguards by cutting filler strips and glueing.
06 April 2006:
I went on to manufacturing the leaf springs. I did not use the aluminum beer cans here, because they broke easily when forming the spring eyes. Instead, I used the tin from a thinner can.
07 April 2006:
The same was the case for the spring mounting brackets. I manufactured them from tin sheet. 
I finished the spring assemblies, by installing with pins on the fixed and shackle ends.
08April 2006:
I cut the development of the fuel tank...
...and manufactured as in the photo. I imitated the seam welds by a slight bend at the edges. I used the punched part from the headlamp recesses for the cap.
I manufactured the tank brackets and steel fixing belts from a single aluminum piece.
The tank assembly is finished and now ready to be fixed on the chassis.